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Theo & Storm

We have two 8 week old rabbits up for adoption! Theo and Storm were born and raised in foster care and would love to stay together if possible! This is what the foster family had to say about these two handsome boys.

“Theo is a very laid back bunny. He loves to find a spot in the room to watch what is going on around him. He does not like to be picked up but likes to be patted from time to time. As he grows, he is beginning to enjoy pats more often. He is partially litter-box trained. Theo is tolerant to car rides, new people and when his routine is changed, he bounces back quickly.”

“Storm is a very active bunny. She loves to run around the house, she keeps going until she falls asleep usually under someone’s bed. She is almost completely litter-box trained. She loves hay. Storm loves to chew, so many chew toys in her home is necessary. She will let you pick her up for short periods of time but prefers pats on the head, when she slows down. One of Storm’s favourite ways to bond is climbing all over you when you sit or lay on the floor. Getting a picture of Storm was very difficult as she rarely slows down! Although Storm is very active, she does not take change very well. Car rides and new people can be a lot for her and she needs quiet time to relax after something upsets her routine.”

Theo & Storm are used to spending 6-8 hours a day outside of her pen. They are used to drinking from a bowl not a bottle. A small rabbit cage will NOT be a suitable home for them. Their forever family must be able to provide a large pen enclosure and AT LEAST 4 hours outside of her enclosure each day to exercise, play, and socialize.

They are not available to be viewed at the shelter but we are currently taking applications for these cuties. Meet and greets will be scheduled upon an approved application. 

Rabbits are not low maintenance pets and are often not suitable pets for young children. They require specialized care and diet, so please do your research before deciding if a rabbit is the right addition to your family. QHS is happy to answer any questions you may have at (613) 968-4673 or lorr@quintehumanesociety.com

Theo’s Adoption Fee: $75.00 **includes his surgery to be neutered and a free vet exam at a local participating vet clinic**

Storm’s Adoption Fee: $125.00 **includes her surgery to be spayed and a free vet exam at a local participating vet clinic**