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Tia & Doe

🐇Tia and Doe 🐰 were transferred into our care from a rescue partner after these sweet, bonded buns found themselves without a home. They are JUST as cute as they appear… perHOPS more so. Tia is approx. 2 years old, and Doe is roughly 6 months old, both are dwarf rabbits. They have finished growing and will remain this petite for the duration of their lives. The average life span of a dwarf bunny is 7 to 10 years. These two have settled into care very well, they have accompanied staff on youth centre visits, and are very well-behaved, social and silly bunnies! Tia and Doe love exploring the tastes of different fruit and veggies 🥒 🥬 and seem to have endless room for snacks. When considering adding a bouncy addition to your home, you’ll first want to ensure you have the appropriate housing set up. 💕 Rabbits require space to bounce and play, toys for enrichment as well as adequate time outside of their enclosure socializing and bonding with their people. Tia and Doe have been brushing up on their litter training habits since arriving and are catching on quickly. They adore interactions with people and will make the sweetest little companion animals.

🥕 Tia and Doe have been waiting patiently for their second chance since October.

Let’s find these sweet girls a home for the holidays ❣

Wish list items: Canned Pate Cat Food, Puppy Training Pads, and Latex Free Gloves.

💛  As always, thank you for your support!