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Bingo runs from September to June!! 

 The Quinte Humane Society/Humane Society Hastings Prince Edward is pleased to now be running QHS TV Bingo on Cogeco YourTV Belleville, Cable 4 / HD Cable 700, each Tuesday from September through May at 7:30 PM with proceeds going to support the animals at the shelter.  

Jackpot starts at $500.00 in 52 balls and if not won increases by one ball and $50.00 each week to a maximum of $1000.00
A book of cards is $5.00 and give players 7 games in total. Two of the games are played on the same card. A dabber must be used.
PRIZE $65: Game #1 – Any two lines, Game #2 – Block of nine, Game #3A – 2 Postage Stamps, Game #3B – 3 Postage Stamps, Game #4 – Top/Bottom Pyramid, Game # 5A – Outside Frame 
PRIZE $500: Game #5B – Full card – Jackpot
PRIZE $350: Consolation
Get your BINGO CARDS at these locations:
Belleville & Area:

College St Variety – 93 College St E, Belleville, ON

County Convenience – 44 Moira St W, Belleville, ON

Daisy Mart – 157 Bridge St W, Belleville, ON K8P 1J8

Friends Variety – 150 Sidney St, Belleville, ON

John's Variety Store – 233 Station St, Belleville, ON

New Way Convenience – 436 Dundas St W, Belleville, ON

Pharmasave at Bayview Mall 470 Dundas St E, Belleville, ON 

Pine Street Variety – 47 Pine St, Belleville, ON

Rossmore Stop – 5529 ON-62, Belleville, ON

Shop N Joy – 103 College St W, Belleville, ON

SK Convenience – 690 Sidney St, Belleville, ON

Tickets Plus – 214 Front St, Belleville, ON

Victoria Convenience – 113 Victoria Av, Belleville, ON


Quinte West & Area:

Bayside Convenience – RR 2 Stn Main, Trenton, ON

Busy Bee Convenience – 391 Dundas St W, Trenton, ON

Front St Variety – 442 Front St, Trenton, ON

Kim’s Variety – 80 Byron St., Trenton

The Korner Store – 195 Dundas St W, Trenton, ON

Sidney Market – 423 Sidney St, Trenton, ON

Smokers World – 71 Dundas St W, Trenton, ON

West Street Variety – 151 West St, Trenton, ON


Other – Brighton, Frankford & Stirling:

Main Street Variety – 77 Main St. - Brighton ON

Pro One Stop – 208 North Street, Stirling, ON

Oasis Grocery & Gas Bar – 328 Riverside Pkwy, Frankford, ON


Rules & Regulations:

In addition to the terms and conditions of our licence as set forth by the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario and the City of Belleville, the following rules and regulations will be in effect:

  1. Cards will be sold in booklets of $5.00 per booklet. Each booklet will contain five different coloured strips of three cards strip. There will be seven games in total with a $65 prize for the first six games and a maximum of $1000 for the jackpot.
  2. Cards must be purchased each week at an approved retailer. Cards bearing a series number outside of the series, for the week being played may not be honored.
  3. If you have a potential bingo, you must call the TV BINGO HOTLINE 613-779-7679 for your card to be honoured. We realize that both phone lines may be in use when you attempt to call in your potential bingo therefore potential bingos will be accepted up to the end of the bingo session.
  4. In the event that multiple winners exist, cards will be verified against the master control report from the date of the event to determine the winner(s) for that game. If more than one person bingo'd on the winning number, the prize will be shared equally among all persons that bingo'd on the winning number.
  5. Potential winners must send their winning card(s) along with a complete winners’ information card provided on the top sheet of each booklet at their own expense to the address at the top of the winners’ information card within ten (10) business days of the event to be honoured.
  6. Members, staff and immediate family of the Humane Society Hastings Prince Edward are NOT eligible to play.
  7. The jackpot prize will be $500.00 providing it was won before or on the maximum specified number of balls for the evening's event. The starting number of balls is 52.
  8. If a regular bingo is not won:
  9. A consolation prize of $350.00 will be paid regardless of how many numbers are required before a winner is declared.
  10. The jackpot prize will increase by $50.00 per week for every consecutive week the jackpot prize is not won to a maximum of $1000.00. Once the Jackpot prize is won the Jackpot will reset to $500.00.
  11. The number of balls required to win the Jackpot prize will increase by one each week for every consecutive week the jackpot prize is not won. Once the jackpot prize is won, the number of balls required to win the jackpot will reset to 52.
  12. The Executive Director, in consultation with the Board of Directors of the Humane Society Hastings Prince Edward shall rule on any other item(s) not covered under these rules and regulations and/or the terms and conditions of our license.

NOTE: Although not required, all potential winners are strongly encouraged to make a copy of their winning card prior to sending it to the Humane Society Hastings Prince Edward.