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Hiccup is a female Rex rabbit. She is grey and white with gorgeous markings. Hiccup was surrendered to us in January with a male rabbit, and she was pregnant. Hiccup had her babies in a foster home and all have since been adopted. However, Hiccup is still waiting to find the perfect home. Hiccup’s foster family had some lovely things to say about her: Hiccup is a sweet rabbit with velvet soft fur! She loves pets on her forehead, as long as she is in the ground (she does not tolerate being picked up). She needs a lot of space to run around, and will show her happiness with "binks" (jumps) in the air. She is currently used to an exercise pen with plenty of free roam time. She also loves chew toys and will require many options for chewing and playing to keep her occupied and content. She is social and will come over to visitors, especially when they have fresh veggies. She is more timid around children but eventually warms up and allows them to pet her. She is very frightened by dogs, so a quiet home is preferred. Hiccup is partially litter trained, but is still perfecting those skills. Being spayed would help improve her litter habits. Come and meet Hiccup at the shelter, 527 Avonlough Road, Belleville.

Rabbits can make amazing companions, but are not low maintenance pets. Please consider the following information if you are considering adopting a rabbit!

- Rabbits can live 10+ years. They are a major commitment. 
- The majority of rabbits given as Easter gifts end up dumped outside, or at shelters like ours.
- They cannot live happily in small cages. Rabbits require a large area to live in, custom enclosures or x-pens are necessary.
- Rabbits can be VERY destructive (chewing, digging, etc.) so rabbit proofing is a must! 
- Both males and females should be spayed/neutered for health and behavioural reasons.
- Rabbits require a specialized diet that is essential to their dental and digestive health. They must have access to an unlimited amount of Timothy Hay at all times.
- Most rabbits do NOT tolerate being picked up, cuddled, or handled for long periods. They are prey animals, and prefer to remain on the ground. They do not make good pets for young children in most cases. 
- Rabbits are extremely delicate. They require gentle handling to prevent injury or stress. 
- They are considered exotic pets, and require a veterinarian that specializes in exotics.

Unaltered Rabbit: $20
Altered Rabbit: $140*

*QHS highly recommends choosing to spay/neuter your rabbit before adoption. Fixing your rabbit will decrease destructive behaviours, decrease aggression and territorial behaviours, improve litter box habits, and increase your rabbit’s lifespan, as rabbits are HIGHLY prone to reproductive cancers.