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Soapstone Dog Statue Raffle

This handcrafted soapstone dog embodies the essence of the Quinte Humane Society as it was carved with tremendous care and compassion, taking raw stone and bringing out its inner beauty. Our Animal Care Attendants could also be considered artist in their own fashion as they work with animals in various states and conditions, bringing out their inner beauty through love, patience, and compassionate care.

The proceeds from this raffle will be going directly to animal care to ensure that our staff have the tools they need to continue providing the excellent level of care that they are known for.

Please purchase a ticket knowing that you are helping to change the lives of animals in need.

Artist: Warren Wenzel

Height: 32cm

Value: Over $1,000

Ticket Price: $10.00

  Draw Date: December 18th 2020


Tickets available at:     

Quinte Humane Society

527 Avonlough Road

Belleville ON

Call 613-968-4673

to arrange pickup

Quinte Canine

987 Old Highway 2

Belleville, ON

Call 613-242-5050

to arrange pickup


Purchase your tickets early as only 1000 tickets are available.